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Alright alright!
The Chea K. Woolfolk Show wants to bless 1 winner with 2 tickets!

1 winner of 2 general admission tickets will be announced Wednesday September 7th ,2016 LIVE on AIR during The Chea K. Woolfolk Show. (Contest ends September 7th 2016 at 7:30 pm ET)

To enter simply SHARE and/or COMMENT this post. The more you share the more entries you get. The more you comment the more entries you get. There is NO LIMIT to the amount of entries.
1 share = 1 entry
1 comment = 1 entry
10 shares = 10 entries etc.

*The winner will be notified via an official post on Facebook as well as, Facebook messenger.

Best of luck to everyone!little-chea-chea-will-be-giing-away2-tickets

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#KnowYourWorth Monday Sept 5th 2016

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You know deep down what the motives are sometimes we simply can’t face the reality and the need to avoid emotional pain keeps us “romanticizing” a situation that simply is not what we NEED it to be.

Ladies if you truly desire someone who wants to know you, date you, build a relationship with you…then you will never be happy just being someone’s sexual friend.

You will start to feel lonely, neglected and even resentful toward them and the situation.

The reason for that is because God created you for more…and this situation isn’t in line with His plan..your spirit is troubled and in pain.
You start to question “why doenst he see me on weekends? Why is the conversation always about sex? Why doenst he pray with me? Why do I feel so lonely? Why is it the only time we see each other in some secret place? What is wrong with me that he only sees me secretly? Why am I always crying or upset about the lack of real interactions?”

Its because that man does not value YOU, he simply wants to have fun with you and most likely a lot of other women.
He doesn’t view you as a woman to be cherished as God designed you. He sees you as something for his enjoyment.
And that isn’t what God wants for you.

For anyone in this type os situation I pray you can leave, move on and soar above it all. That you find someone who truly desires to know you and love you.
Let GOD lead you!

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