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We have some exciting announcements coming !

Stay tuned for new opportunities with CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine



Today’s info! Your Kentucky Derby view and GLOWRY by Kriss Liss

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CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine wants to experience The Kentucky Derby through your eyes.

Hey everyone!

We know how much we all love to take photos with our smartphones so why not share them with the world? Grab your phone and snap your favorite Kentucky Derby events and gatherings! Let the world see your view of the Kentucky Derby.

We welcome everyone to submit their favorite photos of The Kentucky Derby 2016 to


Our team will choose a select number of photos to be featured in the June/July issue of CKW. We will also showcase some of the submissions on our website

Be sure to include:

Your name

Email address

A short description of the photo and name of the “Smartphone Photographer”. (this will be used as the photos caption)


Please enjoy today’s theme song, GLOWRY by the fabulous Kriss Liss!

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You can be published!

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Open Letters (3)



Readers will be able to submit their open letter to…anything.

Any issue.

Any topic.

Any annoyance.

Stay tuned because I will be publishing my open letters as well…which are the prequel to my book.


Anyone interest in writing an open letter…to whatever subject you choose email them to CKW@CHEAKWOOLFOLK.COM. Subject line: My Open Letter to_______.

Be sure to specify if you wish your letter to be published with your name or published anonymously.

We will choose a select number and they will be published in the June/July issue of CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine.

You can write an open letter to a community issue, a politician or celebrity just to name a few.

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Get your FREE copy of CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk magazine NOW!

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Greetings everyone, we are happy to announce that the premier issue of CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine is available for your reading pleasure.  Feel free to share this issue with your friends and family.

We vow that 30% off our advertisement space per issue, will always be FREE to non-profits and community groups. We also give Pro-Bono advertisements to small businesses that qualify.



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In less than 24 hours CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine will be available!

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Hello everyone!

We are so excited about our April 1st magazine launch. In less than 24 hours you will be able to get your FREE digital copy.

All you have to do is visit  and click the magazine link. The link will appear in a few locations to make it easier to access.

You will find it on the CKW page, in CKW catagory and for a limited time on the Welcome page.

Please feel free to share the magazine with as many as you like.

We look forward to sharing this part of our journey with you!


Chea Chea Media Inc.

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April 1st is almost here. We are so excited!

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CKW-The Chea K. Woolfolk Magazine will be available for digital download on April 1st, 2016.  It will be FREE of charge for our GLOBAL family. 

Stay tuned because, there will be more announcements in the coming days.

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